Craftsmanship inspired by traditional and modern techniques

When producing a scale model, we strive to make the model as realistic as possible. Therefore, we manufacture by hand, with the help of the latest technologies, high quality models with incredibly detailed prints using pad printing, delicate laser-cut metal, various flexible and rigid plastic composites and heavy die-cast metal parts.

Handcrafted models

Every model that leaves our factory has been meticulously crafted by hand. We create hundreds of small parts in die-cast metal, aluminum, photo-etch and various plastic compositions, trimming every edge to create smooth fitting pieces with less than a tenth of a millimeter deviation. 

We use official RAL and Pantone colors

Before assembly, each part is sprayed by hand in the official RAL colors with various degrees of finish such as matt and metallic gloss to resemble the real machine. Followed by decorations with high-quality, scratch-free tampon prints that allow small logo’s and warning signs up to 0.2 mm.

More than 1,000 individual pieces

A highly detailed crane in scale 1:50 such as our award winning Demag AC 700-9 can consist of more than 1,000 individual pieces and hardware parts. Each piece is carefully assembled and tested, before being packed and shipped to our customers.

Limited Edition collectible models with uniquely numbered metal certificates, packed in our luxury box