Thursday 19 May 2022

Demag CC 2800-1 Blog update

Configuration madness

Time for our very first blog update on the development of our second legendary model conceived out of our passion for cranes. Just as our 2019 model of the year ‘Demag AC 700-9‘, this is yet another milestone for our passionate model company. We have taken it upon ourselves to develop the heroic Demag CC 2800-1 in scale 1:50, from the finest materials and with the widest range of real-life configurations. It is this wide range of configurations where we will be looking at in this blog update.

While our mould makers are working hard to shape the first die-cast samples for prototyping (one of which you’ve might have seen at Modelshow Europe last march), our engineering team is cracking the code on the versatility of this impressive crawler. While more modern cranes are designed in 3D, this classic requires a different approach. From our database of thousands of images, original 2D technical drawings from Demag engineers, movies and valuable input from collectors and crane operators, we gather as much as we can to mimic the many setups.

Most of the time, crane models in any scale are manufactured in one or two popular configurations to represent the machine to customers, while remaining in line with the client's budget and timeframe. This time, it’s a different story! We’ve already started this project two years ago, and not without success. Collectors can expect to build the following configurations in a realistic manner:






LSL_3 *





LH_3 *

LSL+LF_3 *





LH+LF_3 *

LSL+LF_4 *

* these configurations are possible with the Demag CC 2800-1 Extension Set.


To build the most configurations possible, but keeping the price at a reasonable level, we will produce an extension set to complete the last 5 remaining setups. This set will be available at the launch of our main crane.

The build configurations are not the only configurations we are developing. One important aspect is the realistic assembly and disassembly of our crane model. Real connections such as main boom sections, jib sections and crawlers can be assembled with tiny brass nuts and bolts. The pendants fit with realistic fork-shaped connections, chains are delivered with the model to secure them to the main boom and as you might expect, stairs, ballast, outriggers etc. all break-down realistically to create a full-scale transport.

To accommodate this realistic transport, we will also produce the appropriate truck and trailer combinations for our Tadano version. A blue and white 7 axle semi trailer, 6 axle ballast trailer and a smaller 4 axle semi trailer, pulled by powerful Scania and Mercedes-Benz trucks can be pre-ordered from our web shop, as well as the Tadano Shop.

Stay tuned for our next blog update where we dive deeper in the history of the crane!