Friday 23 April 2021

Client Cases



Visualizing a project by means of scale models, combined with a strong Christmas present.

We have developed three scale models on behalf of GMB. This combination of machines is used by GMB as a specialist sewer renovation system, equipped with custom equipment to get the job done from transport to execution. More information about this unique system is explained in this video (YouTube link).

By choosing our durable metal 1:87 models, GMB ensures a high-quality promotional product. These smaller models are ideal to take to clients to visualize projects and leave them as keepsakes. By also incorporating the models into their Christmas packages, the staff also received a very unique gift under the Christmas tree.

GMB, Roel van Zetten:
“With the scale models, we could show our clients the process of sewage renovation in a attractive way and we had a great Christmas gift for our employees. It is now our yearly standard to bring 1 model a year, customers, employees and even fans expect that!”