Friday 23 April 2021

Client Cases

Liebherr RL 66


From start to delivery at a tradeshow in Chile in 8 weeks!

When Liebherr approached us to supply a scale model of their new Liebherr RL 66 Pipelayer with a very tight deadline, we accepted the challenge. In just two months, the job had to be done to tie in with the official unveiling at a construction trade show in Chile.

Developing metal models takes time that we did not have, so our resin technique was chosen. This means that we produce models from a special plastic composite that makes it possible to produce very detailed models without the investment in metal casting molds. Although resin is limited in function and does not have the metal durability, it offers the possibility to develop a model from 100 pieces in a short time. No details are handed in and the presentation on a luxury display panel makes it an excellent show model.

After the successful delivery, the project was expanded with a metal version of the model.

Julia Grossmann, Liebherr Purchasing Services:
“Because of the extremely fast development and shipping of the RL 66 Pipelayer scale model, we were able to introduce our new machine with a model for customers in time for our event”