One of the most remarkable cranes on the road

IMC Models, in collaboration with Sarens, is working on a limited edition high-end resin scale model of the Gottwald AK 680-3. Development of this one time run is in full swing and aims to deliver a stunning showcase model of one of the most remarkable cranes on the road.

Gottwald AK 680-3

High end showcase model

In service for over 40 years

This 1,200 tonne capacity class mobile crane has been on the road since 1980, and it continues in service to this day! The unit was originally purchased by Scotts directly from the German Gottwald factory.

From Scotts it went to Grayston-White & Sparrow within BET. After Rentokil took over BET, the company changed its name to Initial. Sarens then purchased the Initial heavy crane division, which included the AK 680.

The crane is owned and operated by the UK branch of Belgium-based transport and heavy lifting specialist Sarens. Sarens UK is ideally situated in Middlesbrough just three miles from the site. The unit travels and works all over the world and has been on contracts as far afield as Thailand and Argentina. The Liverpool Anfield Stadium roof lift is one of the many unique projects this legendary crane has in his name.

Such a long service time is exceptional and does not come naturally. The remarkably strong crane has been carefully maintained and overhauled over the years. Completely repainted, updated parts such as the more modern Demag cab in the year 2000 and the love of the operator and service team for this giant have ensured that it is still relevant to date. The renaming of AK 680 to AK 680-3 is related to these updates.

Converting a classic into a detailed 1:50 resin scale model

Realistically imitating a crane that is more than 40 years old does not come without struggle. While with modern cranes we can consult detailed construction drawings in 3D and 2D, a machine like this is built from countless months of fine-tuning based on photos and dimensions in broad outline. We started working on this project early 2021. A special thanks goes to Ruud den Hartog for contributing his knowledge from day one!

The fact that this crane is so unique is also the reason that we chose resin and photo-etch material instead of die-cast metal. It gives us the opportunity to make such a beautiful legend, with the consideration that it can only be realistically imitated in transport mode. The fixed model offers no functions, but fortunately it is packed with beautiful details. We let the photos speak for themselves:

We expect to deliver this limited edition model in December and this will be the only production run, so pre-order yours below now!

Pre-order now for €599.-