Our first ever 7-axle mobile crane scale model

The AC 7.450-1 is the first ever 7-axle Tadano crane model and combines the size advantages of a six-axle crane with the power and performance of an eight-axle. With a main boom length of 80m / 262.5 ft, it boasts the longest reach of all 6- and 7-axle all terrain cranes. Its compact size, comparable to 400t / 440 USt 6-axle models, gives it best-in-class jobsite accessibility. 


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Tadano Joining Forces

As part of the company strategy, Tadano is joining forces under the Tadano brand. We are proud to present that we have the honor to make their scale models following their new branding rules. One of these models is their brand-new AC 7.450-1.

The model

The realistic, functioning and highly detailed model in scale 1:50 of the newest Tadano mobile crane is made of die-cast, making it a high-quality model. A nice feature of the model is the use of a new type of higher quality rope. Some other important features are the functional upper cabin, the realistic steering configuration and a functional and removable SSL system. 


Functional upper cabin
Upper structure cab can be raised and lowered for transport and lifting mode. Functional swing back upper structure cab with tilting function.
Brass Main Cylinders
Main boom cylinders made from brass to ensure a high-quality functionality.
- Realistic Steering Configurations
Realistic steering on all 7 axles
- Boom Extension Fixation
Like the real crane, the boom can be extended up to 6 times
Sideways Superlift
Fully functional and removable SSL system.
- Detailed Interior
Realistic interior design including door-panels, back wall and steering, operating sticks, tv-monitor and dashboard.
Functional Ladders
Ladders that can be stowed for transport and folded out for lifting mode.